Tongji-Bauhaus Dual Degree program


Tongji-Bauhaus Dual Degree program was formally founded by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) of Tongji University and Institute for European Urban Studies (IFEU) of Bauhaus University Weimar in March 2003, which aims at establishing an international academic platform for the comprehensive urban study. The cooperated project was referred as “Integrated International Urban Study (IIUS)” from 2005 to 2010, and has been renamed as “Advanced Urbanism (AdUrb)” since 2010. The partner universities have formulated interesting courses for the program and CAUP and IFEU could choose up to 15 students respectively for the program each year. After studying in the hosting university for two semesters and reaching the necessary credit points and other relevant demands, students will receive duel diplomas of Master’s degree from both universities. More than 100 students coming from the universities have accomplished the achievement since 2005. The partner universities do not charge any fee for the certification of the second diploma, except charging each student ¢6,000 for overhead expenses.


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  • Program director: Prof. ZHUO Jian, Email:

  • Program coordinator: Prof. LI Qing, Email:

  • Administrative coordinator: LI Wei, Email:


  • Program director: Prof. Bernd Nentwig, Email:

  • Admin. coordinator: Dr. Dominique Fliegler, Email: