Tongji-UCD Dual Degree program


University of Colorado Denver(UCD)-Tongji dual degree program, beginning since 2012, was a joint degree track program  between the College of Architecture and Planning , University of Colorado Denver and the  College  of  Architecture  and  Planning of Tongji University. Averagely, two students were enrolled from Tongji and two from UCD.

The first, second and fifth semesters of UCD students will be taught in Denver, while the third and fourth semesters will be taught in Shanghai. The first, second, fifth and sixth semesters of Chinese students will be taught in Shanghai, while the third and fourth semesters will be taught in Denver. 

All Students graduating from this program will be granted two “Master in Engineering with Specialization in Landscape Architecture,” one from Tongji and another from UCD.


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Contact information:


  • Program director: Prof. DAI Daixin, Email:

  • Program coordinator: Dr. CHEN Zheng, Email:

  • Administrative coordinator: LI Wei, Email:


  • Program director: Prof. Ann Komara, Email:

  • Program coordinator: Lois Brink, Email: