2015 Shanghai One Day Tour successfully held by CAUP


On 23rd Oct 2015, 20 exchange students and 3 volunteer students took part in the Shanghai One Day Tour organized by the International Cooperation office of CAUP and the International Department of School Union. The purpose of organizing this tour was to deepen exchange students’ impression of this city and exchange different culture.


The first stop was the Shanghai City Planning Exhibition Hall. Through the professional exhibits and interactive display, students experienced ‘Shanghai’s yesterday, today and tomorrow’. 1145_副本.jpg1153_副本.jpg

The second stop was the Power Station of Art (PSA). The PSA is renovated from the former Nanshi Power Plant. It provided a rich source of inspirations for the students from CAUP with its simple yet straightforward architectural styles. Also, the exhibition of Sou Fujimoto: Futures of the future is held at PSA. Students from CAUP could explore the possibilities of architecture in the future through looking closely into their practice. 


The last stop was TIAN ZI FANG. It is one symbol of the Shanghai Folk Culture. Foreign students were all surprised to see the local style Shikumen houses.


The Shanghai One Day Tour was very successful, both the foreign students and Chinese students had lots of fun.